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MRSC: 62111
ADAMTS3: Clear
CDDY: Clear
CC/DE: Clear
EFS: Clear
CM & DM: One copy


Maddie is Black & Tan, and the youngest of our girls not a good photo as you can never keep Maddie still for a minute for a photo or anything else for that matter, she has got the best personality and is so affectionate, she will stop everything if a cuddle is on offer. She enjoys her playtime with the others, she is very active and also quite interactive, she loves a tug of war game and rarely loses the tug.


Her personality is just adorable, if she doesn't want to do what she's told, she will pretend she is asleep, but the wagging tail is a giveaway she is choosing to ignore you. She tends to dig at times, if she sees you coming, she hides pretending it is not her as she knows she is in trouble, but the dirt on her paws is a telltale sign who the culprit is.


She is not a sharer, her food is hers, so she makes sure nobody else is getting a chance to steal it, it's gone within minutes. 


ADAMTS3: Clear
CM: Clear
CC/DE: Clear
EFS: Clear
DM: Low risk


Ellie is such a smart girl, Ruby in color and very affectionate, she is a very quick learner. Tug of war is just the best for her, she will never give in, she is quick to get the object and doesn't matter who is on the other end, she holds onto it until they give up.


She loves her food and happy to try and pinch anybody else's, usually without success. When you give Ellie a pat, she lays down immediately letting you know she wants a belly rub, she can jump pretty high and tries to jump into your arms while you are walking towards her, she just leaps right up to chest level, the more attention Ellie can get the more she loves it.


Taking Ellie on a walk is a challenge, her excitement can be heard all the way down the street, she is so loud, she cannot hear you telling her to be quiet. Soon as she sees the harness she starts with the vocals.


MSC: 21581
ADAMTS3: Clear
EFS: Clear
CC/DE: Clear
CM: one copy
DM: Low Risk


Becky is Blenheim in color, she has the cutest baby face, but don't be fooled, she is full of mischief, she loves to escape and keep you on your toes, thinks there is more to see on the other side of the gate.


She ignores you when you call her and likes to do things her way, she will eat when she is ready and will not be rushed. She will chew any toy until she has destroyed it, she plays chase with the birds, and at times you have to tell her off because she does not leave them alone, she runs up the side of our big Avery to see if her luck might have changed, and she might be able to get one, she does not give up easily.


She climbs the tree if she can see a nest somewhere, she is a real hunter, and as soon as her eyes are open, she is at it again. 


MRSC: 68506
ADAMTS3: Clear
DE/CC: Clear
EFS: Clear
CCDY: Clear
CM & DM: One copy
Heart Check

(cardiologist): Clear
Eye Check

(ACES - ophthalmologist): Clear


Our very placid Pablo, born April 2021, very independent, Blenheim in colour.

He loves the girls, very inquisitive and affectionate.

He is a very gentle boy and very lovable. Pablo weighs 7.5kg, but don't be fooled by him being on the smaller side, he will outlast you at playtime, he has the softest coat and loves a bath or swimming. Very gentle nature. 


Please complete the Contact Us form if you would like further information.

Pablo is ANKC registered with Dogs Victoria, a copy of his pedigree certificate will be offered for viewing, he is a proven sire with good size litters. Natural mating or AI, at Craigieburn Repro Vet clinic with Dr Michael Bell. Travel to your clinic will be considered, however, if travel to a clinic of your choice is required, and it is excessive kilometer's a travel fee may be required.

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