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It is most important to assess if this breed is really suited to your family and your lifestyle. We do not want any of our puppies dumped, neglected or abused because a buyer found out too late, this was not a good breed fit for them. So please, do all the checking and research needed to ensure this is for you.

Cavaliers are extremely needy in terms of wanting human company. They want to go, where you go, and be with you all the time, some get anxiety if they are away from you for long periods of time, they are considered by most, a true lap dog. They definitely take the award for the best companion dog by far, always by your side - they become your shadow. They love children and they are extremely gentle. They have the biggest personality and the most beautiful temperament.

However, toy breeds are notorious for being difficult to house train, but cavaliers are easier than most toy breeds to train and will do anything for a treat, being the biggest in the toy breed family. They do take a little bit of looking after in terms of grooming and need regular brushing. They are too small to be a jogging companion but absolutley love to go outdoors and can be suitable for small size yards and just love to play fetch, and very happily will walk on a lead with you. They are extremely friendly and quite willingly they will accept a strangers offer of attention, thus making them a very easy target for a stranger to take them without protest, so they need to have secure fencing and always in your command and watchful eye. Most cavaliers are laid back and quiet, but some find barking to be a fascinating pastime to the point of driving some people crazy. They are born hunters, so occasionally tend to dig your garden, they chase and at times catch birds which can be confronting. Unfortunately, they also have known health issues and some treatments can be costly. So, you need to take all this into consideration when making your assessment of the breed. It is a good idea to visit a cavalier owner or a cavalier walking group, talk to owners of the breed before deciding if you have chosen a breed suited to your lifestyle.

But we all cannot be wrong; they are in the top 20 list for one of the most popular breeds worldwide. Remember, they will be with you for many years to come.


Sadly, every dog breed has health problems associated with it. Every dog, regardless of the breed can develop health issues which are known to affect them. As a breeder we try to avoid known problems, but as we are dealing with a living being we cannot, nobody can, could possibly guarantee you that something will not turn up unexpectedly. The only guarantee realistically a breeder can give you, is the puppy will be fit, healthy and happy at the time of purchase, but most would like to offer you way more than that, but most breeders are genuine and will not tell you something that is simply not true, or something they simply cannot guarantee. It is very unfortunate that DNA testing is widely misunderstood by many, most think if it has been DNA tested it will never have any health issues, quite simply this is not true at all. Not a scientist, not a vet, and certainly not a breeder can predict the dog's health any more than they can predict human health. It is a fact of life; things happen beyond anyone's control, and you must be prepared for this when considering this breed.

MMVD: Sadly about 90% of Cavaliers suffer from MMVD. Master Dog Breeders Association is proud to be the instigator to search and test for MMVD  that identified genetic variants associated with increased risk of early-onset myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD). It determines a dog's genotype for the genetic variant referred to as NEBL3. Dogs with a G G or A G test result are less likely to be diagnosed with MMVD early in life compared to dogs with an A A result. The wild type NEBL 3 prevents heart enlargement in response to valve insufficiency. When the heart enlarges it dilates the mitral aperture, pulling the valve leaves apart and turning a small leak into a large one. As such NEBL3 doesn't directly impact in the mitral valve but it does impact on overall heart health and "waters down" the cascade of MMVD degeneration and progression.  However, it is not the only gene involved, there are other traits and pathways at play, such as congenital mitral valve shape. It's not a single gene bullet to eradicating MMVD. But it is one part of the puzzle scientists can work with. Very few Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have the G variant, and identifying these dogs could help breeders in planning their breeding strategies. I am very fortunate that our boy Max has the AG gene and could possibly pass on to his offspring.

My Bill of Sale is very concise, there will be no misunderstandings, outlining both seller and buyer agreement and obligations, it will include full details of your puppy. Puppies papers are not for Breeding, however, if you need papers for breeding purposes, an additional fee will apply, please ensure you read and understand the Bill of Sale prior to purchase, all details pertaining to the purchase of your puppy is set out and is very clear.

The agreement will be signed by both parties and like any contract, you will have a cooling off period of 7 days as per the conditions set out in the Bill of Sale.


Your puppy will be registered with Master Dog Breeders Association and your certificate will be sent to you, if it is not available at the time of collecting your puppy. Puppies will not be released prior to eight weeks old. You will receive a copy of the puppies health report and puppy's vaccination records. You can view their parents DNA report and pedigree certificate.  A puppy information pack will be provided with useful information to assist you, prior to taking your puppy home.


All puppies will be in close contact with children, and adults, they are familiar with lots of handling, they will not be in contact with other dogs due to their age, they should not be introduced to other animals until fully vaccinated. However, they will be used to different noises, sights and sounds. They have ample play areas, ramps to climb, tunnels to run through and chase each other, they have hanging toys to encourage activity, ropes for tug of war, they have doggy doors in their play area not just for fun running in and out and hiding from each other, but when they go to new homes they are familiar how to use them, they have open door crates so when they want to rest, the plush mattresses are inviting, this also becomes familiar to them to help when they go to their new homes. They have three large play areas, all are fenced, safe areas for play, a lush grassed, out in the open area to enjoy perfect weather conditions, climbing toys and tunnels with soft play toys, they also have another area, it is in the open but under a portable gazebo, to protect from sun or rain, but still allowing them to be outdoors, this area has bark to teach them a different feel under foot,  again with ramps, and tunnel, they have chew toys, ropes and lots of hiding places, a great area for chasing each other, the third area, although still outdoors, it has been designed to deal with Melbourne's unpredictable weather conditions, it has been fully enclosed with heavy duty shade cloth all way round and a solid roof to protect them fully from wind and rain, it has a large play area, it also has a well protected large kennel with monitored overhead heating, in addition to an open crate with warm vet beds, and puppy beds in various locations, so time out is inviting for them with a choice of where they would like to relax.

All three of these environments have been designed to give them plenty of room to play and with complete stimulation in mind, regardless of the weather, with a variety of toys for them to play with and not get bored. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into ensuring the puppies have adequate play space and they become very familiar with different settings. They truly have a five-star setting.

Take the time to get involved, it is very rewarding, to have contact with other puppy families of the siblings in your litter, I create a centralized media platform for all puppy families to connect with each other. I encourage you to send photos and share stories of your puppy's new life. I will be happy to coordinate catch up days when puppies are about six months old and well settled into their new family, so all our puppies and puppy families can meet and chat with each other, see how they all are progressing at intervals through various stages of their life. I like to keep in touch regularly with all puppy parents to ensure their progress is on track and no concerns. I am always available for support.

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