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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 


Welcome to K9 Cavaliers


Please explore our menu, to find answers to all your questions. Or if you cannot find the answer, click on the "lets chat" icon or go to our "contact us"page. Please read all the info on our Things to Know page.

Thank you for your interest in our puppies.

First and foremost, I am a small family breeder of companion animals, our beautiful pets have the run of an acreage in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria's regional country. Our focus is producing beautiful healthy puppies that will become a part of your family. We are very proud of our beautiful pets as I am sure you will be with your new puppy.

We work closely with our local veterinarian, who ensures all our parents are always in great health and should any instances occur they are looked after immediately. They are brought up on the healthiest diet and scheduled treatments are always up to date, being well exercised and socialised with plenty to do and boredom is seldom, they rule the roost in our house.

Your puppy will be raised in a healthy environment and will be socialised and well cared for. All my grandchildren will make sure they are well handled and not scared to be picked up. We encourage you to visit us to see our pet's environment. Our beautiful pets have the biggest personality, and very easy to see why they are loved so much. You too will love your new puppy as much as we love our pets.


We are registered with Our Local Council in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria
and proudly abide by the Code of Ethics set out by governing bodies.

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