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Scratch, try the best kibble, with more protein, made here in Melbourne, the treats are awesome.

Yavrular Studs. Providing excellent stud services for Cavaliers and Miniature Poodles. Breeder is very caring and helpful.

Prestige Stud Services, very knowledgable and helpful.

Looking for a great trainer for your pooch, check out Nattie, she will come to you, she is a dog behaviourist, and understands dog psychology. Melbourne Dogs Just wanna have fun.

Pet sitter, Littlerockbull are excellent, Naomi and Donna are eager to assist you in any way.

Sick of your pooch scratching? Try Serotonin, this fabulous product is ph. neutral, rather than ph. balanced, which is what our beautiful breed needs, made specifically for individual breeds to cater for their individual coats.

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